The Unholy Beast Has Risen! Anti-Film School’s 2nd Annual Halloween Horror Movie Spooktacular

Lock your doors! Board up your windows! Arm yourself! Say your prayers! And grab a crucifix! That’s right, boys and ghouls, the 2nd annual Halloween Horror Movie Spooktacular is lurking around the corner!

If you’ve been wondering why Anti-Film School has been a little, um…. DEAD the past few weeks, well, it is because I have been busy in my lab creating a monster. For those who are new to the Horror Movie Spooktacular, well then you are in for a ghoulish treat! Starting October 1st, Anti-Film School is taken over completely by horror movies for 31 days. For those 31 days, you will be treated to horrifying features, reviews, and a whole slew of guest contributors from the darkest depths of Hell. On the 1st, you will also notice a new poll posted, one that asks you, the reader, what classic horror film YOU want reviewed on Halloween. That’s right! YOU control what gets posted on Halloween. Last year, it was a savage battle between The Evil Dead and The Shining, with The Shining emerging victorious.

Last year, you were treated to reviews by Charles and Corinne, but this year, I am unleashing SEVEN terrifying new guests that will have you shrieking in terror. For one week, these seven guests will be haunting Anti-Film School and counting down the five films that scare them. So, without further ado, here is the guest line up:

OCTOBER 13th:  Anti-Film School’s UK contributor CRAIG THOMAS

OCTOBER 14th:  Canadian cult/horror critic GOREGIRL of GoreGirl’s Dungeon

OCTOBER 15th: The Droid You’re Looking For funny-man JOHN LARUE

OCTOBER 16th: GuysNation creator ROB BELOTE

OCTOBER 17th: Horror diva EVA HALLOWEEN of The Year of Halloween

OCTOBER 18th: Author, Nightmirrors coordinator,  and Graveyard Radio host RAYMOND ESPOSITO

OCTOBER 19th: Flights, Tights, and Movie Nights coordinator BUBBAWHEAT

In addition to these ghoulish guests, you can expect more Universal Movie Monsters, Hammer Horror Monsters, Haunted House Week, Invasion of the Remakes, a few new horror movie reviews, and, yes, more Halloween safety! So, boys and ghouls, tell your friends and make sure to get in on all the terror! I hope you are ready because I assure you that this year’s Halloween Horror Movie Spooktacular will be more horrific than last year’s.

– Theater Management (Steve)

NOTE: Artwork credit goes to the very talented EVA HALLOWEEN. THANK YOU, EVA!! 

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  1. Looks fabulous, darling. I can’t wait! 🙂

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