About Steve Habrat

Steve Habrat is a graduate of Wright State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Motion Picture History, Theory, and Criticism. He has been recognized for his writing on Woody Allen, Ingmar Bergman, and Women’s Independent Cinema. He has made two short films, a horror film and a spy thriller. He has studied and written on many film genres including World Cinema, the Hollywood Musical, African American Cinema, the Black List Era, the Pre-Code Era, the Thriller genre, the Horror genre, Philosophy in Cinema, Documentary, the Romantic Comedy, Women in Cinema, Women’s Independent Cinema, Modernism, Stanley Kubrick, Early Italian Cinema, Woody Allen, and Ingmar Bergman. He has also lectured on Philosophy in Batman Begins and The Dark Knight and the Future of Cinema. His favorite genres of film include Horror, Exploitation/Grind House Cinema, Westerns, and Superhero films. In addition to being the founder of Anti-Film School, he is currently working on two books: an untitled western and a horror story called The Woods. He has loved movies all his life and probably will never stop. Long story short, he is a giant movie nerd and he’s not ashamed to admit it.

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About Corinne Rizzo

Corinne Rizzo (1986-Present) is just some batty broad who dropped out of graduate school to pursue poverty level employment and study to become a yoga instructor. When she isn’t fighting a cigarette craving (no smokes in over a year), she can be found doodling with charcoal or modifying some part of herself or her surroundings. As far as film goes, she took a few genre/theme oriented classes as well as a few film survey courses. She loves simple and clean films in the vein of Clint Eastwood, Wes Anderson and Richard Linklater.

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About Charles Beall

Charles Beall is an unemployed political scientist currently residing in Upstate (there are more places north of Poughkeepsie, people) New York.  His academic focuses are global and domestic human rights issues, Sino-North Korean relations, Southeast Asian studies, domestic and global political movements…just to name a few.  He also really, really, really loves movies.Although he holds a Bachelor’s in Political Science from Wright State University, Charlie has always loved film.  From an early age, he was captivated by the images flickering from the projector overhead and the rampant rage of imagination that a film unleashes on its audience.  Charlie believes that film is a universal language that everyone can understand; it brings people together, it enlightens us, it holds a mirror to our society whether we want it to or not (at least that is what he believes film should do).Charlie’s film tastes are eclectic; there is no genre that he doesn’t approach with an open eye.  His idol is Steven Spielberg and he has absolutely no apologies for that.  Charlie would eventually like to be a filmmaker/screenwriter and is just waiting for the right opportunity to come knocking.  In his free time away from the retail job that is slowly sucking the soul out of his body, Charlie likes to write, write, and write some more. Note: Charlie does appreciate the effort involved in filmmaking and tries to keep an open mind, however, it must be known that these are three useless clumps of celluloid (films) that he has seen that he has such an utter contempt for that the mere notion of them makes him sick.  They are “Irreversible,” the remake of “Funny Games,” and “The Human Centipede”.  In fact, “The Human Centipede” is the first movie that Charlie never finished out of pure and complete disgust…and he sat through “From Justin to Kelly.”

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Other Guest Contributors Include:

Jamie Matty: Jamie is currently attending Carnegie Mellon in pursuit of a Ph.D. She has a strong interest in literature and film. She has contributed a few reviews to our wonderful site.

Will Nepper: Will is the managing editor at Pest Management Professional and has contributed a handful of reviews. Will has his own film website, Creature From the Blog Lagoon…in 3D, which is featured in our Blogroll category. He is also the mad scientist behind the layout of Anti-Film School.

Craig Thomas: Craig hails from the UK and currently lives in London. He holds a master’s degree in politics, happens to be a huge Woody Allen fan, and is an aspiring author. He has recently started his own film website called sedatedtabloidreader, which is feature in our Blogroll category.

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