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“We’ve warned you…”

Hello, boys and ghouls…

We are very close to beginning our Halloween Horror Movie Spooktacular here at Anti-Film School. Starting October 1st, Anti-Film School will be overrun by monsters of all sorts. We will have zombies, mummies, vampires, werewolves, swamp monsters, psycho killers, and more. No one will be safe. Here is what you can expect over the course of the month:

Starting October 1st through the 9th, Steve will be reviewing George Romero’s zombie films and the remakes of two of his films. He will also be reviewing one of his personal favorite zombie flicks that is not a George Romero movie. It will be a gory week, so make sure you don’t get any blood and guts on you while checking the reviews out!

Starting October 10th, Corinne will be visiting with the Universal Studios Movie Monsters. She will drop in on The Phantom of the Opera, Dracula, Frankenstein, Bride of Frankenstein, The Mummy, The Wolf-Man, and The Creature from the Black Lagoon. It’s going to get spooky!

Throughout the third week of October, Charles will be unleashing Norman Bates in Psycho and the sequels that followed the Hitchcock original. He will also be checking in to the refurbished Bates Motel in the Gus van Sant remake. Charles will be hanging out with the ghosts of Poltergiest and writing a study on shock rocker turned horror director Rob Zombie. Oh, the horror!

You can also expect reviews of vampire films that you may have not seen, reviews of the original John Carpenter film The ThingĀ and the prequel that makes it’s way to theaters during the month, and a few other monsters that we like and dislike. Also, we are asking you to vote in our latest poll, which asks you which horror film you want us to review on Halloween day. This is your chance to interact with out site. Head over to the Category Cloud and click on the poll link. The first poll box that comes up is the one that we want your input in. Voting closes on the October 20th and anything cast after the said date will be ignored. We hope you are as excited about this event as we are. We hope you all make it a ghoulish hit. Who’s ready to get scary?

-Anti-Film School

Note: Anti-Film School does not claim to own the images and clips from Universal Pictures’ 1931 film Frankenstein.

Anti-Film School’s Halloween Horror Movie Spooktacular!

Hey readers!

Today, Anti-Film School is announcing our upcoming October project. Starting October 1st, Anti-Film School will be taken over by horror movies and it will last all month! Expect new reviews and articles on horror films every day throughout October. Yup, all thirty-one days. You can expect reviews for the Universal Movie Monsters, George A. Romero’s Dead saga, a look back at John Carpenter’s The Thing in honor of the prequel, Vampire films (NOT Twilight), an article on Rob Zombie, and more! Here’s the really nifty part: You get to choose our final Halloween review! We want you to vote in our latest poll that asks you which horror movie classic you want to see reviewed on the 31st. We will launch the poll today and it will stay open until October 21st. If there is a movie that we do not include in the poll, a horror movie that you would like to see, leave a comment on the poll post or email Steve, Charles, or Corinne. We want the readers to get involved with the site so don’t be bashful! You will still be able to find reviews for new movies throughout the month, so rest assured those who dislike horror, we have you covered. We are really excited to do this project and we hope you guys enjoy it. Now start voting in the poll and tell your friends! Everyone has a favorite horror flick!

-Anti-Film School