In Just a Few Days…

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Hey boys and ghouls,

This is your spooky reminder that the Halloween Horror Movie Spooktacular is almost upon us. On October 1st, things are kicking off with Silent Screams, a silent horror film review series sure to freeze your blood. From there, we will be jumping into another Hammer Horror Series featuring a guest review by Victor De Leon. Once the coffin lid is shut on Hammer, things will be getting seriously witchy around Anti-Film School with the Wicked Witches review series. After the last spell has been cast and the cauldrons have been emptied, I’m letting a handful of seriously creepy guests start haunting the site for a few days. After they share their 5 Favorite Horror Movie Monsters with you, the full moon rises and the Wild Werewolves review series will go straight for your throat. Then, on October 31st, it’s all about you, the readers, as I review the horror film that you picked to have posted on the big day. You may have noticed that I posted the poll last week and voting will remain open until OCTOBER 21st! If you don’t see a film that you’d like reviewed on Halloween, leave a comment or shoot me an email and I’ll add it to the list. So, let’s start seeing some votes!

As always, I’ve been working very hard to make sure there is content for every single day. The Trailer Tuesdays and Thursday will continue through October, as I will be posting monster movie trailers for your enjoyment. In addition, keep your eyes peeled for guest posts from me over at Eva Halloween’s The Year of Halloween, where I will be doing a piece on Television Horror Hosts, and Furious Cinema, where I will be sharing and reviewing some of my all-time favorite horror movie trailers with you.

I’ll leave you will some vintage spook show ads. They just had a way of selling it.

-Theater Management (Steve)

Original artwork created and provided by Eva Halloween 

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