Favorite Superman Film… GO!

Superman Poll

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  1. Victor De Leon

    Donner’s first film all the way, Steve! Great poll, man! 😉

  2. Victor De Leon

    Superman 1 & 2 are neck and neck! Cool!

  3. Haven’t seen the latest one yet, but the best Superman ‘story’, which doesn’t fit into these guidelines was the comic “The Death of Superman”.
    Now that could make the very best film and would have to include the follow-up comic called (I think) “The Return of the Supermen”.
    There was an animated version of this this which was very good. Why not a “Live” movie?

    • I’ve never read that story but I do remember when it was out. Superman fans seem to really like that one and who know, maybe Snyder, Goyer, and Nolan will take a page from that story in one of these new movies. Let me know what you think of Man of Steel!

  4. I know it wasn’t an official THEATRICAL release, but Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut corrects so much of what Richard Lester effed up in his version. Still though, nothing beats the first. 🙂

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