It’s intermission time, folks!

While you wait for a new review, let us know which summer movie you just can’t wait to see! We want to hear from you!

-Theater Management (Steve)

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  1. Going with Man of Steel, what I’ve seen so far looks interesting and more than any of the others, there’s so much riding on this movie that I’m very curious as to if they will pull it off or not. So many great looking movies this year too.

    • Great point, Bubbawheat. There is a lot riding on Man of Steel. If this tanks or is just plain awful, DC will really be in a bad spot as far as their comic book movies go. WIth Green Lantern tanking, they really don’t have any other heroes that will translate well. I mean, who is going to go see a Flash movie? But I do think that Man of Steel looks awesome and as a DC Comics fan, I’m really pulling for it.

  2. Hmmm…dare I say.The Great Gatsby? Purely because it’s my favourite novel, and i’m interested to see the adaptation. That said, it could be butchered. We’ll see!

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