Hey readers,

I am extremely pleased to announce that this morning, Anti-Film School crossed 100,000 views! So, once again, I want to send every single one of you a giant THANK YOU! I NEVER thought my little corner of the film blogging universe would see 100,000 views but apparently you guys are really digging this little site. As always, I want to give a big thanks to my friends and family who have passed this site along, even if some of the films that are reviewed are a bit… graphic and twisted. I also want to send a direct thank you to my pals, Jeb, Mike, Adam, and Chris, who accompany me to almost any movie I want to see, even if they have zero interest in it. And I can’t forget my fellow film bloggers, who gave me a warm welcome into the film blogging realm. I specifically want to thank John over at The Droid You’re Looking For, Goregirl of Goregirl’s Dungeon, Eva Halloween of The Year of Halloween, Bubbawheat of Flights, Tights, and Movie Nights, Rob of GuysNation, Pete over at Furious Cinema, Raymond Esposito of Nightmirrors, Eric over at The Warning Sign, Summit of The Movie Montage, Andy over at AndyWatchesMovies, Victor over at Vic’s Movie Den, and anyone else who has visited my dingy little theater. And I can’t forget the help and support from Craig, Charlie, Corinne, Jamie, and Will. You guys all rock.

If there is anyone I forgot to name specifically, I do apologize. This website is my passion and I love sharing my opinions and knowledge of cinema with each and every one of you. It makes my day when I hear from all of you, telling me you love the vibe of the site or you really liked a review. Even if you didn’t agree with me, I’m still flattered you took the time to read my reviews. I wanted this website to entertain and inform at the same time while also being completely unpretentious. So, if I have informed or entertained you, then that is worth more to me than a paycheck. I hope you keep coming back for more reviews and I look forward to hearing from more of you. Here is to 100,000 more views.

This is a hell of a Christmas gift. THANK YOU! Back to the show!

-Theater Management (Steve)

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  1. Congrats dude! Keep up the great work.

  2. congratulations, it’s well deserved. This is a great site that covers a nice range of movies in a very casual manner. Here’s to the next 100k.

  3. Wow, way to go!
    Here’s to the next 100k and thanks for the shout-out

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