Anti-Film School Recommends This Film…

The Avengers (2012)

Hey readers,

Joss Whedon is back this week on Blu-ray and DVD with the release of the massively successful superhero mash-up The Avengers. One of the coolest and most satisfying superhero films ever made, The Avengers is a must-see for the relationships between the four legendary crime fighters, the massive action sequences, and, yes, the Hulk. The Blu-ray is loaded with tons of extras including an awesome commentary from Whedon, a gag reel, deleted scenes, and an awesome short film called Item 47. If you’re a comic book fan like myself, then this is a no-brainer of a purchase. It’s one of the very few films to come out this summer that I would consider collection worthy. Oh, and if you have a 3D TV, well, then you should be out owning the 3D Blu-ray. If you wish to read the Anti-Film School review, click here to check it out, but take my word for it, it rocks.

-Theater Management (Steve)

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  1. I was never even into The Avengers beforehand and I loved the hell out of this movie.

    The best way I could think to describe it to my friend when he asked was this- “Do you remember how fun it was when you were five years old and you’d smash all your toys together and they did exactly what you hoped they’d do? The Avengers is that exact same feeling for the last half hour”.

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