A Video Message From Steve… And a New Poll!

Hey readers,

Here is a quick video message to let you know about a few things going on at Anti-Film School. Oh, and an announcement about video reviews.

And while you’re here, vote in our Batman poll!

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  1. Awww, look at your cute face! Love the video reviews. 🙂

    Although it DID remind me how bitter and jealous I am, since I can’t see TDKR until this weekend.

    • Aw shucks, Miss Halloween. I hope everyone digs the video reviews. I’m still learning how to use the program which explains some of the pauses in the video. I won’t be doing them all the time because there are other people out there doing some really creative stuff and I can’t compete with them.

      At least you’re going to be seeing The Dark Knight Rises opening weekend before it gets ruined. I am beyond excited that it is finally coming out. Interested to get your thoughts on it!

      • I liked it. I wasn’t surprised by any of the reveals, but I enjoyed them. I still think Christopher Nolan struggles with nuanced female characters, but overall I thought it was worthwhile and I’d would certainly be at opening weekend for any follow-on films.

      • I’m sort of hoping that they leave it be and if they insist on doing a spin off, I sort of hope the leave Catwoman out and just go with Nightwing. It would be odd if she was in it since she was sitting with Bruce at the table in the last shot. You can’t have her without Batman.

        I think Catwoman was his first great female character, at least in his Batman films. She was hands down my favorite character in the entire movie. It was the Miranda/Talia that he failed to really do much with and that one hurt. I wish there was more elaboration there. Still, I thought Catwoman was a strong female character and she ranks as one of my favorites in Nolan’s Bat-Universe. Good to hear you liked it.

  2. Congrats on a year in the books, Steve. I’m a huge fan of what you have going on here. The great part of your site’s appeal is that your lure- honest and deep reviews from someone who truly loves film- isn’t limited by any one genre or nationality. You give the same honest look at the bad stuff as you do the good, and that’s really admirable.

    • Gee thanks, John! I’m really glad that you enjoy the site. I try to do something for everyone and I love switching it up from day to day. I love all movies so I try to give everything a fair shot. I hope you continue to enjoy it and you know I am a big fan of your work too!

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