It’s Intermission Time, Folks!

Hey readers,

I just wanted to take a time out today to point out a couple things to you guys and fill you in on some upcoming stuff that will be happening at Anti-Film School. Firstly, if you haven’t noticed, Anti-Film School joined the weird world of Twitter. I strongly encourage our readers to follow us and I promise I’ll make it worth your while. I’ll throw up some tweets about upcoming reviews, links to other sites that I dig, and entertaining little tidbits here and there. We’d love to have YOU following us and, just for following Anti-Film School, we’ll follow you in return.

Secondly, the summer movie season is upon us and Anti-Film School will be taking lots of trips to the movies throughout May, June, July, and August. If you’ve been disappointed over the lack of newer movie reviews, you’re going to get what you want starting with The Avengers on May 4th. I already have my ticket for the midnight showing so I PROMISE that review will be up the second I get home from the showing. Since it is almost time for the big summer blockbusters to come barreling into theaters, you can expect lots of reviews of older summer movies too. The week of The Avengers will be dedicated to the reviews of Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Hulk, and The Incredible Hulk. You are also probably aware that a little film called The Dark Knight Rises comes out this summer. As many of you know, I am a big Batman fan so there will be a week dedicated to reviewing all the old Batman films. Just for the heck of it, there will be lots of other DC Comic movie reviews thrown in throughout July . So, if you enjoy comic book movies, Anti-Film School will have you covered. Hell, if summer blockbusters are your thing, keep an eye on Anti-Film School throughout the summer.

Thirdly, our own Corinne Rizzo now has her own online literary journal called the ish. that is a whole bunch of fun to check out. There are lots of interesting articles on the site from several very talented writers. Yours truly even has an article called The Detroit Theater, In Memoriam in the newest issue. If you wish to check the ish. out, and I strong recommend that you to, click here or click the link in our blogroll. 

Lastly, I have been kicking around some ideas about inviting in more guest writers to contribute reviews, thoughts, opinions, and essays to the site. This is in the very early stages and I have only bounced the idea off a couple of people right now, many who are friends of mine, just to see what they think of the idea. It does get a bit exhausting working and updating the site every day. So, if you’re getting sick of hearing me everyday, well you may end up getting more breaks from moi. If you are interested in contributing a little something, I’d love to hear from you and we can talk things over. This is only for those who are SERIOUS about it and I will ignore any bullshit I receive. Once again, this is in the early stages and I will fill you guys in with more details when I iron everything out. 

I hope everyone is enjoying the content that is being posted. I try to throw in exploitation reviews every chance I get for those who are loving that content. Our recent views per day are at an all time high and we are just shy of 20,000 views. So, a big thank you for visiting our theater and I hope you guys are enjoying it. And continue to leave feedback. We love hearing from you.

-Theater Management (Steve)

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