7 X 7 Link Award

by Steve Habrat

Summit of the film website The Movie Montage was kind enough to nominate Anti-Film School for the 7 X 7 Link Award. If you have been nominated for this award, which is passed down to bloggers from bloggers, you are asked to reveal seven facts about yourself that many may not know, choose seven of posts that fit a theme, and then end by nominating seven other blogs that you feel deserve this award. So, lets get this horror and mayhem started!

Portrait of a zombified Steve.

Seven Facts About Steve:

1.)  Even though I am a huge fan of extremely violent and gory horror films, I am repulsed by blood in real life. It makes me sick to my stomach and I want to pass out if I see it.

2.)  I attended the 2005 Sundance Film Festival and had the opportunity to see a few films. And maybe a few celebrities.

3.)  I am an avid collector and reader of comic books, particularly Batman, a superhero I have loved my entire life.

4.)  I collect action figures and vintage toys, ranging from the Universal Movie Monsters, Batman, Star Wars, and Dawn of the Dead 1978.

5.)  I am fascinated by the supernatural and I have always wanted to have a supernatural experience. Almost everyone in my immediate family has had a chilling experience. Throughout high school and college, I would go to graveyards armed with a camera or a voice recorder to try to get evidence of the supernatural.

6.)  I do everything in my power to avoid acting like an adult and taking things too seriously. I loved being a kid. Ironically, I am not a big fan of children. They creep me out.

7.)  I worked for a mortgage company for four years, a job I wish I still had. I worked with some really wonderful people and I had the kindest, most down-to-earth boss you could ask for.

Seven Blogs that Fit a Theme:

1.)  Most Beautiful: The Tree of Life (2011) I am basing this solely on the images I used in the review. This film is loaded with incredible imagery so it wasn’t hard to find two beautiful images for the review.

2.)  Most Helpful: A Fistful of Dollars (1964) If you are not familiar with the spaghetti western genre, this review introduced many to the traits of the subgenre.

3.)  Most Popular: The Woman in Black (2012) I think this one gets quite a bit of attention because it was included on the Large Association of Movie Blogs.

4.)  Most Controversial: Cannibal Holocaust (1980) I gave this controversial film a high grade and praised it for being a very intellectual exploitation film. Many are repulsed by the extreme sex and gore the film has to offer and automatically write the film off as being lousy. It’s a shame because it really is a rewarding experience if you can handle it.

5.)  Most Surprisingly Successful: Zombie (1979) Apparently, many people like to search for this movie! It’s definitely an acquired taste.

6.)  Most Underrated: Nosferatu the Vampyre (1979) It’s a film I really stand behind and I think it is one of my posts that has never gotten much attention.

7.)  Most Pride Worthy: Dawn of the Dead (1978) It may not be the best review I have written and it may not shed any new light on the film or its themes, but I had the best time writing it, as it is a movie that changed my life.

Seven Blogs That Deserve the Award:

1.)  The Droid You’re Looking For–  Hilarious and entertaining, you’d be wise to check out the immensely creative posts at this wonderful site.

2.)   The Year of Halloween–  Your ghoulish host Eva Halloween keeps things terrifying 365 days a year.

3.)  Aloha, Mister Hand–  Great little horror blog that benefits from being brutally honest.

4.)  The Warning Sign– Beer, video games, movie reviews, and books. Enough said. Oh, and Ingmar Bergman.

5.)  Imagery Photography-Creative Works and Thoughts of Richard Burke–  40 years of spectacular photography and a very kind soul.

6.)  Psychocinematics–  Great film reviews on all genres and a very gifted writer. A lot of current reviews too. 

7.)  Zombie Spirituality–  Everything you need to know about zombies.

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  1. 2 things… Batman fan since a little kid and I have seen a ghost, felt them a few times in different occasions! 😀

    • Glad to hear you like Batman too. he is the greatest superhero of all time and I cannot wait until The Dark Knight Rises comes out. It has been torture waiting for it.

      As far as supernatural experiences go, that is very awesome that you had that experience! I think the supernatural is so fascinating and I’ve always said my fallback job in life would be paranormal investigating. I’d absolutely love doing that.

      • seriously, I love to explore the paranormal Im a fan of Scully and Moulder! But Im telling you man it’s not easy feeling these entities around especially at 1 am and 3 am gives me goose bumps 🙂

        Batman rules! haha! 😀

  2. Wow, thanks for the nomination! I’ll see about cranking out one of these posts ASAP. Keep up the great work over here, Steve!

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