Hey readers,

Anti-Film School has crossed 10,000 views today! Only being active since the end of July 2011, this came as a huge surprise to me that my site crossed 10,000 views in less than a year. I want to thank each and every person who stops by our little corner of the film blogging world. I am truly humbled by the kind words that have been left on the site by other film bloggers, critics, and followers! As someone who has adored movies since I was just a wee-man, I’ve always just wanted to spread my love and knowledge of cinema enthusiastically to those around me. Movies fill me with happiness I simply can’t put into words. I’d like to offer direct acknowledgement to those who have supported Anti-Film School, because without you, I wouldn’t be doing this. Plus, I try to remain down to earth and humble every step of the way and I won’t stop now. (To my friends, family, and coworkers, I will leave out your names. This is to respect your privacy.)

So, I just want to say thank you to everyone who has directly supported Anti-Film School. Without any of you, this would have never become as exciting as it has. I want to thank those who listened, for putting up with my constant excitement over old zombies movies, classic horror films, exploitation garbage, big summer blockbusters, superhero movies, and anything in between. A huge thank you to my family, who encouraged me to put my work out there, support it no matter what, and constantly put up with movies like Cannibal Holocaust playing in the living room and not batting an eye. I would like to acknowledge and thank my closest friends (Childhood friends, high school pals, and Wright State chums!) who willingly go or used to go to the movies with me and see basically any movie I want to see (Yeah, sorry about Green Lantern and Battle: Los Angeles!). It is their encouragement that keeps me doing this and their words of support that keep me posting reviews. My coworkers also deserve a nod, as they have put up with my constant raving about how awesomely nostalgic Super 8 was or how much I just love the horror genre or superheroes. I want to thank them for sharing Anti-Film School on Facebook and passing it along to their friends!

I should give a special thank you to Charlie and Corinne for contributing reviews and features when they have a chance and offering support when it is needed. I should also acknowledge Will of Creature From The Blog Lagoon, an awesome friend who created Anti-Film School and understood the aesthetic I wanted to aim for instantly. I still owe you, Will, and I certainly have not forgotten!

I would certainly like to acknowledge the Large Association of Movie Blogs, Total Film for including us in your Three Cool Film Blogs to Check Out, The Droid You’re Looking For, The Year of Halloween, Fernby Films, Dan the Man Movie Reviews, PG Cooper’s Movie Reviews, Psychocinematics, Midnight Review, The Movie Montage, Watch-A Lot, A Life Going to the Movies, 3 Guys 1 Movie, Abifilms, themovieblog8, and Smell the Popcorn for showing love and support for Anti-Film School. I list these other sites out because I hope you look into the content these individuals produce! They are a very talented bunch! And thanks to all those individuals who liked our Facebook page and follow Anti-Film School on WordPress! Glad to have you guys too!

So, thank you fellow film critics/bloggers, family, friends, and coworkers! Thank you for pushing me to do this and continuing to ask for more! Thank you for your kind words and making me blush when you tell other people about this site! It means a lot!

I’d also like to say thanks to the people who hate this site. You were my inspiration and I know you hoped this would fail. It clearly hasn’t.

Here is to 10,000 more hits before Anti-Film School turns a year old and thank you for choosing our theater!

-Theater Management (Steve)

NOTE: Anti-Film School does not claim ownership of the attached video.

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  1. Congrats on hitting 10k! I really dig the variety of this blog. Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks for the kind words, Eric! I’ll keep posting as long as our visitors are entertained. I apologize in advance for the missing reels, scratchy prints, shady audience members, and do watch your wallet when you go to the bathroom.

      I also checked out your film review archive! Very impressive (Wild Strawberries! Irreversible!), my good man!

  2. Congratulations, darling! You keep writing, we’ll keep viewing. 🙂

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