5,000 VISITS! Anti-Film School is a HIT!

Hey readers!

In just under five months, Anti-Film School has crossed 5,000 visits to our site. We want to thank each and every one of you who have visited, whether it be out of love, intriguing, or hate. I still cannot believe how quickly Anti-Film School gathered its audience and we sincerely hope you are enjoying what you are seeing. We go to great lengths here to make sure each person that visits is entertained and leaves the site remembering us. We all try to remain as down to earth as we possibly can. We encourage you to keep interacting with our site, leaving comments, requesting reviews that we do not have posted, and stopping back. Both myself and the other contributors work other jobs, which make it difficult for us to post a review or feature every single day, but believe me when I say that we try very hard. This is only the beginning of Anti-Film School and we have plenty more on the way. You can look forward to more reviews, a top 10 films of 2011 list, some Oscar predictions, more reviews of grind house films (Hey, it goes with the site’s aesthetic! What do you expect?!), reader-picked reviews, more features, new contributors (?), more polls, a list of the best comic book films, and who knows what else we will cook up for you in 2012. So, here is to another 5,000 hits! Pass us along to your friends, and while you are visiting, take a moment to visit our site designer Will’s site Creature from the Blog Lagoon…in 3D! You can find the link to his site in our Blogroll. Together, we make a truly delectable double feature. Just be weary of some of the audience members, sorry about the broken chairs, the sticky floors, and missing reels.

-Management (Steve)

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  1. Hi Steve, I hope you find this message. I don’t have your regular email address. Have you seen the riveting 2009 10-minute film “The German” by Nick Ryan? Here it is:

    There’s also a visual effects breakdown at:

    Besides being a neat bit of film-making, “The German” tells an historical fact that few people are aware of.
    Congratulations on your fine endeavor. Your Dad tells me your blog is getting lots of attention these days, and rightly so.
    Cousin Bob

    • Thanks, Bob! I’ll give it a watch here real soon and try to do a review of it. I’ve been trying to tackle the western right now as well as get some newer movies reviewed. Reviewing short films would also be a nice change of pace for the website!

      Thanks for the kind words! I’ve been working hard on the site and I hope that it leads to something good job wise. Keeping my fingers crossed!


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